New Features by Version

5.99 Features and Changes

2019 Tax Tables, 2018 Tax Forms (W-2, W-3, 1099-MISC, 1096 and 944) and 2019 Form 941 - 2019 State and Federal Tax tables are included in this upgrade along with the new 2018 Tax Forms and the 2019 From 941. The system will now print the ENTIRE W-2 and W-3 forms so you no longer need to print or obtain the form from an outside source.

Automated Updates - Software Service Plan subscribers now enjoy automated updates. Updates are downloaded to the users computer by the software and then the user is informed and provided the option to install the new update.

Contribution Receipt Options - There are new options on the receipt. You can add the church logo to the receipt, customize the "no goods or services" line, change the location of the receipt title on the page and an option to include the date issued on the receipt. Addtional options have been added for setting up the receipts for windowed envelopes.

New Electronic Giving Provider - ChurchTrac has been added to our list of electronic giving providers import feature.

Contributor Report Switch - New option to quickly switch between contribution reports.

Sunday Fund Totals Auto-Deposit - New option allows user to select cash/check or electronic contributions.

Departmental Report with Comments - User can now include comments on this report.

Backup - NTS will now track when more than one checkbook or contribution year has changed and suggest that all the years with changes be backed up.

5.74 Features and Changes

Reconciliation Report Update - The printed report now includes uncleared transactions and the register balance in addition to the reconciled balance.

Print Pay Stub on Check Stub - When using 3 part checks, the pay stub can be printed on the check stub instead of printing a separate pay stub.

Periodic Financial Report Select Internal Category/Account - You can select a specific internal category or account. With a category or account selected, only transactions posted to the selected account will be included on the report.

Comments on Contributor and Totals Reports - Comments to contributions are now included on these reports.

Contributor Secondary Address - A second address can be saved for contributors.

New Employee Types - Nursery workers and School Teachers have been added to the employee types.

Vacation and Sick Time Improvements - We have made it easier to record when vacation and or sick time have been used by the employee. We also added a compensation rate for sick and vacation time and the ability to set a anniversary date of when new time is added.

Easier Cloud Backup - We have made it very easy to select the cloud for your backup.

5.35 Features and Changes

Form 941 - The full printing of Form 941 is included in this version.

Excluded certain Expenses from Budget Calculations - By popular demand, we have added a feature that allows the user to exclude certain expenses from the budget calculations on the Periodic Financial Report.

Vacation and Sick Time - This new feature allows the church to track vacation and sick time in payroll.

Import Online Giving Records - If your church uses eChurchGiving (or Pushpay), the online giving records can now be directly imported into NTS. We are looking to expand this feature to other electronic/online contribution services. Contact us if you are using a different service that you would like to see added.

New Receipt Options - The receipt header is now customizable with the ability to move the church name and address to a different location on the page and the ability to move the contributor's name and address have been expanded. A new printing option also allows for the exclusion of the receipt number.

Contribution Reports Update - In prior versions, the reports would list services and funds in alphabetical order. This has been changed so that the services and funds are listed on the reports in the same order as on the Service list and Fund lists.

Web/Online Backup Speed Improvement - We have sped up the online backup so it take less time to backup and restore from the web.

Inactive Contributors - A new filter on the Names Setup Screen allows you to view contributor's who have not contributed in either the current or prior calendar year.

5.08 Features and Changes

Checkbook - The Checkbook records are now encrypted with 256-bit encryption technology for data security. This includes the files stored on your computer and all backups.

Transaction Comments - The size of the comment for checks and other transactions has been increased.

Expense and Internal Accounts - After a new year had begun, there were restrictions on how the accounts could be moved within the account list. These restrictions has been removed. Accounts can be moved to any place in the list at any time in the year.

Annual Report - The Annual Report line numbers have been changed by the General Church. This update will change the line numbers to the new numbers.

Annual Report Income Funds - When using the Annual Report, you now have the option to view the Contribution funds that are used to calculate the income.

Periodic Financial and Bank Transaction Reports - The collate printing function has been added to these reports.

4.86 Features and Changes

Contribution Data Encryption - Contribution and Pledge data is now encrypted with 256-bit encryption technology. This includes the data stored on your computer and all backups. This important change increases security and provides better overall stability.

Contribution Current Week Backup - This new option allows the user to backup the current week only instead of the entire year.

Pledge Screen Update - We have re-organized the pledge screen to make it easier to use.

Contribution Names List Consolidation - Previously, each contribution year (2012, 2013, etc) had a separate names list. The list for 2012 could be different (i.e. have a different set of names, addresses, etc.) from the 2013 list. This is no longer the case as there is now one master list of names which will simply record keeping.

5.85 Features and Changes

Names List Sorting - The names list can be sorted by envelope number.

Contributions Import - Tithely and Snowball fundraising have been added to the list of online giving platforms from which contribution records can be imported.

Periodic Financial Report - Select Internal Category / Account - New in this version is the ability to select multiple internal accounts and/or categories. Previously, only one category or account could be selected.

Periodic Financial Report - Select Bank Accounts - This all new feature allows the user to select one or more bank accounts for the report. Only the selected accounts will be included and all other accounts will be excluded.

New Counters level Backup option - When logged in with the Master password, the counters level access can be restricted to making a backup of the current week only.

Several other small changes where made to make the software more user friendly.

5.64 Features and Changes

Loan Daily Interest Option - There is a new option for loans that have a daily interest calculation

Fast Check Printing - We have streamlined the check printing process to make it faster.

Schedule Select All Box - Added a box that will select or unselect all transactions due.

Contribution Report Options - Added new options to the sort the various Contribution reports and an option to Hide the Amounts on the Contributor report.

5.56 Features and Changes

Contribution Comments - Comments can be added to individual contribution entries.

Rare Circumstance Option - When churches have a rare circumstance exclusion, this can now be flagged in contributions so that the Annual and Allocation Reports report the correct income.

Periodic Financial Report - This report has been updated significantly to allow for new options and more customization. And now the printed report is the same as the report that is visible on the screen. No more differences.

Departmental Report - There is a new option to show the Budget on an Expense Type report.

Large Fonts - The entire system has been updated so that users can use Larger Windows fonts.

5.43 Features and Changes

Departmental Report - This is a brand new report that provides balance information along with a listing of individual transactions for selected departments/accounts.

Import Electronic Giving Records - We have added Electronic Giving Solutions by Stewardship Technologies to the Contribution Import function.

Statement of Activities - A fiscal year selection box has been added so that a report for a prior year can be viewed without having to change the fiscal year on the checkbook screen.

Payee Export - An export button has been added to the Payee List so that the list can be saved to a CSV file.

5.22 Features and Changes

Contribution Total Report - New option to create a report that shows totals by week or by month over a given time frame.

Budget Planner Enhancements - Expense accounts can be added, deleted or changed. Also new are printing options that allow you to exclude certain columns from the printed report.

E-Check Stub - You can now print a stub for e-checks.

941 Liability Report - Report shows tax liability for the 941 form.

New Everything Backup - You can backup all sections of the program using one backup instead of separate backups for each section.

5.14 Features and Changes

W-2 Forms - 403(b) or TSA reporting - NTS will now automatically include money deducted for a 403(b) or TSA retirement plan in box 12.

Statement of Activities Report - New report that simply shows total income and expense. This report is also referred to as an Income Statement.

View Account Balances - Detail Boxes - Double-click the account balance on a bank or internal account to view all the transactions posted to the account.

New Fiscal Year Balances - The system can update fiscal year starting balances automatically in certain circumstances.

Contribution Receipt Options - Two new options have been added to this report, Show All Funds and Sort Funds by Fund List. The quarterly option has been expanded and can be used on any one year time frame that begins on the first of a month.

Periodic Financial Report Detail Boxes - When viewing transactions on an internal or expense account, the comment for the transaction is now included in the detail box.

Reconciliation Report - The date of an existing Reconciliation Report can now be changed without having to recreate the report.

4.99 Features and Changes

Contribution Receipts - Now included on the receipts is the date issued and a unique receipt number. A new option also allows for the exclusion of the Contribution Type (Check, Currency, etc) from the itemized listing of contributions.

Schedule - The check scheduler has been re-named and is now referred to as simply the Schedule. We have also added the ability to schedule Transfers along with the checks. This feature has been updated to use 256-bit encryption technology for data security and stability.

Loans - A new feature has been added to mark a loan as inactive. This feature has also been updated to use 256-bit encryption technology for data security.

Periodic Financial Report Loans Section - A new section has been added to the report listing the loans and their principal balance. As an option, the report will also include the amount of the payments.

Annual Report - The Annual Report has been updated to automatically calculate the Allocations Due.

Budget Planner - On the budget planner, instead of saying "New Budget" the column will indicate the year for the budget. Example: 14/15 Budget.

Window Minimize/Maximize - Windows in NTS can now be minimized to the Windows task bar like all other windows programs. The separate minimized window that would appear above the Windows task bar is now gone.

Payroll Records - The payroll records are now encrypted with 256-bit encryption technology for data security. This includes the files stored on your computer and all backups.

Payroll Pay Periods - When generating payroll checks, the system previously gave all employees the same pay period who were paid the same frequency (weekly, 2 weeks, etc.) Payroll will now keep track of individual pay periods for each employee.

Payroll Pay Stubs - After generating multiple paychecks, the user now has the option to print pay stubs for all employees instead of having to print the stubs one at a time.