How can I search through my transactions?

There are several searches that can be performed to find transactions in the register.

  1. Locate the Search box below the Transaction Register (see illustration below.)
  2. In the Search box, type in the search criteria and then click the Search button or press the F3 key.

Clicking search or pressing the F3 key again will search for additional transactions that match the search criteria.

Here is a list of the things that can be searched:

Transaction Number: Check numbers, deposit numbers, etc.
Amount: Any amount, both dollars and cents must be entered even if the cents are ".00"
Payee: Type in part of or all of the payee's name
Comments: Type in the first part of the comment.

On NTS versions 4.52 and before, the search box looked like this: Old search box. Click the checkmark button to perform the search.

Search Transactions