How do I backup my data?

If you have NTS version 5.99 or below, see backup instructions for old versions.

  1. From the main menu, click on Backup/Restore. At the top of the Backup/Restore screen, select the "Backup / Upload Data" option.
  2. If backing up to a USB/flash drive, insert the drive into the computer.
  3. Select the data to be backed up by clicking the checkbox next to each section (Contributions, Checkbook or Everything). The Everything option will backup(copy) all of the NTS data, including ALL Contribution, Checkbook and Payroll data for ALL years. The Everything option is the best option to choose if you want to copy or move ALL of the NTS data to another computer. If you only want to backup Contributions or Checkbook information for a specific year, then do NOT choose the Everything option. Do NOT select the Contributions or Checkbook boxes if choosing the Everything option. If choosing the Everything option, then skip to Step #6 below. After making the selection; the status will change to Backup Pending.
  4. Select the correct fiscal year/calendar year for the Checkbook and/or Contributions. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the year as necessary.
  5. For Contribution backups, if you only want to Backup the data for the current week rather than for the entire year, then click the 'Current Week Only' option. Thie option can be helpful in situations where initial data entry is done on one computer and corrections are made on a separate computer.
  6. For each selection made in step 2, select the drive/device/folder where the backup should be saved.
    1. Local Backup: Click on Location and a dialog box will appear. Select the folder to save the backup in and then click OK.
    2. Cloud(Internet) Backup: To backup to the Cloud, check the Cloud Folder checkbox to the left of the Location box. The CLOUD location cannot be selected when using the Everything option. (See Notes below.)
  7. Click the Start Backup button at the bottom of the screen. The progress bar will show the status of each backup as it is made.

Assuming no error messages appear and the status bar changes to Backup Completed, then the backup has been successful.

We recommend backups be made on USB, flash drives or External hard drives. Any drive 1 GB in size or larger will be sufficient for NTS backups. See the links below for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  When doing a Contribution or Checkbook backup, only one year's data is backed up at a time. If more than one year needs to be backed up, then a separate backup needs to be made for each year. Follow the steps above for each year that needs to be backed up. Each backup can be made to the same device/media.

The Everything backup does backup all years for checkbook and contributions. It also includes some settings like those for check printing. This backup should generally be used when recovering from massive data loss or when transferring data to a new computer. Using the Everything backup option to keep two computers in sync with each other is NOT recommended if the user will be modifying data on both computers. If the 2nd computer is only used to View data, then the Everything option will be a good option to use.

Backup Screen