How do I restore data from my backup?

  1. To restore data, return to the same screen where the backup was made. At the top, select the "Restore / Download Data" option.
  2. If restoring from a USB flash drive or external hard drive, connect it to the computer.
  3. Select the data to be restored by clicking on the checkbox next to each section. After making the selection, the status will change to Restore Pending.
  4. If restoring Contributions and/or Checkbook, verify that the correct year for Contributions and/or Checkbook have been selected. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the year if necessary.
  5. For each selection made in step 2, select the drive/folder where the backup is located.
    1. Local Backup: Click on Location and a dialog box will appear. Select the drive/folder where the backup is located and then click OK.
    2. Cloud Backup: Check the Cloud Folder box to restore from the cloud.
  6. Click the Start Restore button at the bottom of the screen.

If there are no error messages and the message "Restore Finished" appears, then the data has been successfully restored.

Restore Data

IMPORTANT NOTES:  When Restoring data, ALL of the current data on the user's computer for that particular category/year is REPLACED by the Backup data. ie. if Restoring 2020 Contributions, the data is completely deleted and then replaced with the data from the 2020 Contributions Backup file. The data is not combined or merged, but is completely replaced.

Only data for the year selected is restored unless using the "Everything" option. Prior or future years must be restored separately. A backup for each year to be restored must be made before data for that year can be restored. If you are restoring multiple years of data, restore the oldest year first and then work your way forward.
The Everything backup should generally be used when recovering from massive data loss or when transferring data to a new computer. We do NOT recommend using this backup to keep two computers in sync.