How do I add or delete Bank Accounts? (including Checking, Savings, CD, Money Market or Online Giving Accounts?

All of the church's bank accounts should be in the system. Money market accounts, CD's, investment accounts and Online-Giving accounts are all considered separate bank accounts. If the church has more than one CD, then each CD should be setup as a separate bank account.

  1. To add a new account, click on Setup and then Bank/Internal Acct List from the checkbook screen.
  2. Find the Bank account list on the right side of the screen. Click in the account list where the account should be added.
  3. Click the Add Account button.
  4. Type in the name of the new bank account and press Enter. See the illustration below.
  5. While not required, the account's routing and account number can be stored. Press Enter after entering each number. Press Enter twice to skip these numbers.
  6. Type in the starting balance and then press Enter on the keyboard. If this is a new account, the starting balance should be $0.00. The deposit to open the account should be posted as a deposit or as a transfer from a different bank account. If this is the initial NTS setup, the starting balance should be the ledger balance on the last day of the previous fiscal year.
  7. If the starting balance is any amount other than zero, then an adjustment will need to be made to the internal accounts. Increase the amount of one or more internal accounts by the amount of the starting balance. For more information about the Bank and Internal Account relationship, see: An in-depth look at Internal Accounts.
  8. The accounts can be reordered. To move an account up or down in the list, click and drag the account up or down in the list. The first account in the list will be the account that appears when the checkbook screen is opened.

To make changes to an existing account, click either the account name or the starting balance. Type in the new name or balance and press Enter to save the changes. To cancel the changes, press the Esc key.

To Delete an account, locate the account in the list of accounts. Click on the account with the mouse to select it and then click the Delete Account button.

Accounts that have been recently closed cannot be deleted. Any account that has been used in the current fiscal year must stay on the books until the end of the fiscal year. After changing to the next fiscal year, the account can be deleted.

Setup Bank Accounts