How can I customize and print the Periodic Financial (Monthly Board) Report?

If you have NTS version 5.42 or before, see PFR instructions for NTS versions 4.40 to 5.42.

The periodic financial report is a comprehensive report showing many aspects of the church's financial status. The report in its entirety can sometimes be more information than is necessary. Therefore, there are several options available in order to customize the report and make it more compact.

To access the report from the Checkbook screen, click on Reports and then Periodic Financial Report.

Report Layout

There are two built in report layouts. The Full Report is the report in it's entirety with full details on all accounts. The Summarized Report provides the level of information needed by many church boards. However, additional custom report layouts can be created. Once created, simply select a report layout from the list to view the report.

  1. To add a new custom report layout, click the New Layout button.
  2. Set the report options. See below for available options.

Report Options

Date Range - The date range can be changed by selecting a different month from the month box. To set a custom date range, click the "Select a specific Date Range" box. Start and End Date boxes will appear. Click on either date and then choose a date from the calendar to set a custom range.

To see the Report Options other than the date, click the Setup Report tab.

General Report Options

Report Name - Enter a unique name for the report layout by entering a name in the Layout Name box.

Font Size - Choose the desired text size from the Font Size box. This setting is for both the on-screen and printed reports.

Common Section Options - Most of these options are available for each section. Exceptions noted.

Each section of the report has common options. These options are list first followed by options for specific sections of the report. Check or uncheck the various options to create a custom report that fits your needs.

Section Selection - There is a check box for each section of the report: Bank Accounts, Contributions, Internal Accounts, Allocations, Expense Accounts and Loans. To exclude a section from the printed report, un-check the checkbox for that section.

Current Period - The Current Period section of the report only reflects transactions that have occurred during the selected month (or date range) of the report. All sections of the report have this option except for Allocations and Loans.

Year-To-Date - The Year-To-Date section will reflect all transactions for the current fiscal year up to the end of the current period. All sections of the report have this option except for Allocations and Loans.

Show Accounts with Activity Only - When selected, only accounts that have a transaction posted to the account will appear. If the Current Period is selected but the Year-To-Date is not, only accounts in the current period with activity will appear on the report. All sections of the report have this option except for Contributions, Allocations and Loans. This option is automatic for Contributions.

Bank Account Specific Option:

Only Include Selected Bank Account(s) - Select the Only Include Selected Bank Account(s) option and then select one or more Bank accounts from the Bank Account list. Use the shift and/or Ctrl keys to select more than one account. Only the selected accounts will be included on the report. Only available on NTS version 5.80 and above.

Contribution Specific Options:

Cash - This section shows totals for Cash or cash equivalent contributions.

Goods/Other - This section shows any contributions marked as Goods or Other.

Averages - With this option selected, the report will show a weekly average for each contribution fund.

Internal Account Specific Options:

Categories Only - The Categories Only option will print the Internal Categories and totals but will not print any of the individual accounts.

Exclude $0 Balance without activity - This will exclude any accounts that have a zero balance and have not had any activity during the reporting period.

Only Include Selected Internal Category/Account - Select the Only Include Selected Internal Category/Account(s) option and then select one or more internal categories or accounts. Only transactions that use that specific account(s)/categories will be included on the report. Only available on NTS version 5.70 and above. The ability to select more than one account is only available in NTS version 4.80.

Expense Account Specific Options:

Budget - This column shows the Budget for each account.

Balance - This columns shows the amount of the budget remaining that hasn't been spent. If an account has gone over budget, the amount will be negative.

% Paid - The column shows the percentage of the Budget that has been used or paid.

Groups Only - This option will exclude individual expense accounts from the report and only show Expense Group Totals.

With Ungrouped Accounts - This option is only available when the Groups Only option is selected. This option will include on the report any accounts that are not in an expense group (i.e. accounts in the "none" group).

Exclude $0 Budget with No Activity - This is a more specific option than the With No Activity option. This will only exclude accounts with a zero budget that don't have activity on the account.

Budget Option - The Annual Budget will show the expense account budget based on the entire year. With the Year-To-Date budget option, the report will calculate the expense budget based on the number of months completed.

Loan Specific Option:

Payment - This column shows the required payment for each loan.

To print the Report:

  1. Click the View Report tab.
  2. Click the Print button at the top of the report or press Alt + P.