There is an amount on my report I don't understand.  How can I find out more about the amount in question?

The detail box is a great tool to get more information about the numbers on the Periodic Financial or monthly report. The detail box is also called drill down accounting. The detail box give a listing of all transactions that make up the different numbers on the report.

Detailed information can be obtained on the numbers in the following columns:

  • Bank Accounts: Checks, Deposits, Interest, Other and Balance*
  • Contributions: Current Period and Year-to-Date
  • Internal Accounts: Income, Paid Out, Transfer and Balance*
  • Allocations: Total Paid
  • Expense Accounts: Curr. Period and Year-to-Date
  1. To see the detail box, double click on an amount on the report. A yellow box, like the one below, will appear with the list of transactions.
  2. To print out the list of transactions, click the print icon in the upper left corner of the yellow box.

* - Double-clicking the balance column will bring up a list of all transactions posted to the account. This option is only available on NTS versions 5.50 and above.

Detail Box