The Full Periodic Financial Report is more than my church board needs.  Is there any way to simplify the report?

The full Periodic Monthly Report contains very detailed information. Typically, there is more information than what the board needs in order to do their job. Below are our suggestions for a compact board report.

For users with NTS Version 5.50, choose the Summarized Report from the Report Setup. It is also possible to customize this report to produce a report that fits your church. See Other Options below.

For users with NTS versions 5.42 and below, the options that should be selected are shown in the picture below.

Deselect all options except for the following:
Internal Accounts - Current Period
Contributions - Cash and Current Period
Allocations - Year-To-Date
Expense Accounts - Budget, Current Period, Balance and Groups Only

If your church doesn't have budgets, unselect the Budget and Balance columns as well.

Other Options: You may have needs that are slightly different from what these options provide. Feel free to give us a call at 817-318-0303 and we will be happy to discuss you specific needs.

Options for a simplified monthly board report