How do I post on-line contributions/donations? (on-line giving platform)

Setting up the Contributions screen to post on-line donations:
(only do the following if the Service/Fund does not exist)

  • Add a new Service to the Service list and name it "Online Giving" or other relevant term.
  • Add a new Fund to the Fund list and name it "Online Giving Fees". Mark this fund as "Not Tax-Deductible". (Double-click the YES in the Tax-Deductible column so that the cell is empty)
  • Move the new Service/Fund down the list so that they are below the Primary/most commonly used.

Posting on-line donations: (See Example below)

  • Select the applicable calendar date on the calendar. We recommend that you post on the date that the funds are deposited in the bank account(easier to verify/audit), but you could also post on the actual donation date.
  • Select the "Online Giving" Service in the Service column.
  • Choose the Fund(s) that the donor specified.
  • Specify the $ Amount for each Fund. If the donor included/covered Fees in their donation, then add the covered Fee amount to the "Tithe" Fund amount.
  • Choose the "EFT" type.
  • Save the changes by clicking the "Save Entry" button.

If a Fee is charged by the Online Giving provider:

  • Add a new Contribution line
  • Select "Online Giving" Service
  • Select "Online Giving Fees" Fund
  • Specify the $ Amount of the Fee as a NEGATIVE amount
  • Choose the "EFT" type.
  • Save the changes by clicking the "Save Entry" button.

Example: Donor gave $75 Tithe, $25 Building Fund, and included the $3.12 Fee

How do I post Deposits for on-line contributions/donations?