There is money that should not be included in income (in/out, Rent, etc).
How do I keep non-income money out of the allocation calculations?

  1. Post non-income money to a non-tax deductible fund in contributions.
  2. Deposit the funds into the Checkbook.

NTS uses contributions to calculate income for the Allocation and Annual Pastor's Reports. It is not necessary to post rent money, in/out money or other "non-income" into the Contributions side of the program. However, this can be done if correctly posted.

Within Contributions, each fund can be designated as a tax deductible fund or as a non-tax deductible fund. When posting non-income money to contributions, it needs to be posted to a non-deductible fund. Posting money to a non-deductible fund will prevent the money from appearing as income on the Annual and Allocation reports.

It is necessary to setup separate funds for this type of money. For example, you might have a fund called "Rental" to which all facilities rental money is posted. Please see the link below for instructions on how to add a new fund or to change the setup on an existing contribution fund.

It does not matter how the deposit is posted in the checkbook as the deposit does not have any effect on the income reported on the Allocation or Annual Reports.