How do I view and print the Pastor's Annual Report?

  1. From the Checkbook screen, click on Reports and then Annual Report.
  2. The default date range is the fiscal year range. To change the date range, click on either the start or end date to change the range. The date range can not be extended to dates outside the fiscal year range. To see a report for a different fiscal year, change the fiscal year by clicking on the Fiscal Year button at the top of the screen.
  3. Select Dollar Amount Format: Click the Show Dollars w/ Cents checkbox to see exact cents on the report. The default is no cents shown as required by the General Church for the Annual Report.
  4. Show Linked Accounts: To see what accounts are linked to the report, click the Show Linked Expense Accounts, Show Linked Internal accounts and/or Show Funds checkboxes. Linked internal accounts will be listed in green with the total income for each account. Linked expense accounts will be listed in yellow along with total expenses for each account. Optionally, to see linked accounts for one line or one column of the annual report, double click on the $ amount for the column or row you want to see.
  5. To see transactions linked to a $ Total: Double click on any amount for any linked expense or internal account. The transactions that were used to calculate the amount will appear in a separate box on your screen.
  6. To Print the report: Click the Print button located at the top of the screen or press Alt + P.
  7. To Export the Report: See How do I export a report? for instructions.
  8. If there is a red question mark in the upper left corner of the window, this indicates that there are expense and/or internal accounts not linked to the report. See Annual Report Unlinked Accounts for more information.
Report viewing and printing options