My Annual Report is not showing the correct dates.  How do I correct the date range?

This is generally caused by one of the following problems. Review each case to see if any of these situations apply.

Incorrect Fiscal Year Dates - If the fiscal year date range in the checkbook has been incorrectly set, the report will only show expenses for the date range set. Expenses outside of the date range will be excluded. See the following link for instructions on how to check and change the fiscal year start / end dates.

How do I check the Fiscal Year start/end dates?

Incorrect Annual Report Dates - If the report dates have been set to range other than the entire fiscal year, the expenses not within the range of dates will not appear on the report. Follow these instructions to set the Report dates.

  1. Go to the Annual Report Screen.
  2. Find the report date range boxes just below the "View Report" tab. Make sure these dates are set to the correct fiscal year start and end dates.
  3. To change either date, click on the date. A calendar will appear.
  4. Choose the correct date from the calendar and then click OK.