I have posted transactions into the wrong fiscal year.
How do I transfer them to the correct year?

  1. Make a list of all the transactions that need to be moved. We suggest you use the Bank Transaction Report to create and print this list.
    1. From the Checkbook screen, click on Reports and then Bank Transaction Report.
    2. On left side of the Report screen, set the Date Range to reflect the date range of the transactions that need to be moved.
    3. Below the dates, select Show All in the Bank Accounts drop down list. This report should now have all the transactions that you need to move.
    4. Print this report.
  2. Exit the report and check the fiscal year start and end dates. Make any necessary corrections to the dates. If you fiscal year was cut short, be sure the end date is changed to reflect the correct end date for that year. See Changing fiscal year Start or End dates. for further instructions.
  3. Delete all the transactions that need to be moved.
  4. Change the fiscal year to the year you need to move the transactions to. Again, check the start and end dates for the year.
  5. Do steps 4 through 6 on How do I start a new fiscal year?. If you are unable to do this because you get a message that says "The Transaction file is NOT empty!", then see the link below for updating starting balances.
  6. Re-enter all of the transactions. Be sure that transactions from the list are posted to the correct bank account.