How do I add, edit or delete Expense Accounts?

To Add a new Account:

  1. From the checkbook screen, click on Setup and then Expense Acct List.
  2. Find the Category and Group the account needs to be added to. Accounts that are not in a group will be listed under the "none" group. These accounts are listed under a heading of "- - - - -". Click on the group name or anywhere within the group to add the account to the group.
  3. Click the Add Acct button to add the new account. A new account will appear in the list with the name "New Account". Type in the name of the new account and press Enter. Account names can be up to 50 characters long.
  4. Enter a budget if desired or leave the budget as zero. Press Enter to save the budget amount.
  5. To change the position or order of the accounts, click and drag the account up or down in the list. Expense Account can be moved into different group or category.

To Exclude Selected Expenses from Budget Calculations:

  1. In the Exclude from Budget Expenses paid from Internal Account: box, select the internal account, from which expenses are paid, that should not be included in the budget calculations. See the example below.

Expenses charged to the expense account and selected internal account will not be included in the budget calculations on the Periodic Financial Report. The expenses will still appear in the Current Period and Year-to-Date columns but will not be counted against the budget. Expense accounts that have expenses that have been excluded from budget calculations will be designated by an '*' on the Periodic Financial Report.

To Edit an Account:

  1. Click on the account name or budget in the list.
  2. Start typing to change the name of the account or to change the budget amount.

NOTE: When changing an account name, all prior transactions in the current fiscal year that use the account will be changed to the new account name.

To delete an Account:

  1. Click on the account name in the list.
  2. Click the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

Any account that has been used in the current fiscal year must stay on the books until the end of the fiscal year. After changing to the next fiscal year, it can be deleted. An account with activity can also be deleted if all transaction that use the account are changed to use a different account. In most cases, it is best to wait until the start of the next fiscal year to delete the account. Deleting an account in the current fiscal year will not affect prior years.

Expense Account Setup Screen