How to Add, Edit or Delete Expense Accounts
How to Add, Edit or Delete Expense Groups
How to Add, Edit or Delete Expense Categories

To View/Access the Expense Account List
  • From the Checkbook screen, click on SETUP
  • The Expense Account List will be displayed.
  • Expense Categories have BROWN backgrounds. Expense Groups and Accounts exist within Categories.
    • Expense Groups/Sub-Categories have TAN backgrounds. Expense Accounts exist within Groups.
      • Expense Accounts have WHITE backgrounds.
Expense Account Setup Screen

To ADD a NEW Account/Group/Category:
  • Click the + ADD LINE button.
  • The NEW ACCOUNT/GROUP/CATEGORY line will be added to the list.
  • If adding an Expense ACCOUNT, then optionally enter a Budget Amount in the BUDGET column or leave $0.00. Budget Amounts cannot be entered for Expense Groups or Categories since the TOTAL of all Account Budgets will be automatically tallied and listed.
  • To change the Position/Order of any Line, Click and Drag the Line up or down the List and Drop at the desired postion.
To EDIT an Expense Line:
  • Click on the Line to be modified.
  • Make changes to the Name or Budget(if an Expense Account).
  • NOTE: When changing an Expense Name, all posted transactions in the current fiscal year that reference the Name will be changed to the New Name.

    To DELETE an Expense Line:
    • Click on the LINE in the list.
    • Click the - DELETE button on the right side of the Expense List.

    NOTE: Any Expense Category/Group/Account that has transactions posted to it in the Current Fiscal Year must remain on the Expense List during that Year. Deleting an Expense Line WILL NOT delete it from Prior Fiscal Year Expense Lists.

    To PRINT the Expense Account List:
    • Click the Print button button.
    • Select the Font Size and Print Options
    • Click the Print button button again.

    To Exclude Selected Expenses from Budget Calculations:
    NOTE: We DO NOT recommend that Expense Accounts be Excluded from Report Calculations! Do not use this feature unless you are certain that it is necessary.

    • Click the EXPENSE LIST OPTIONS button at the top of the screen.
    • Click VIEW EXPENSE ACCOUNT REPORT EXCLUSIONS. Click again to Hide the Exclusion selections boxes.
    • Click the EXPENSE ACCOUNT to be excluded in the Expense List (left side of window)
    • In the Exclude from Budget Expenses paid from Internal Account box, select the Internal Account, from which Expenses are paid, that SHOULD NOT be included in the Budget calculations.
    • exclusion
    Expenses charged to the Expense Account and selected Internal Account WILL NOT be included in the budget calculations on the Periodic Financial Report. The Expenses will still appear in the Current Period and Year-to-Date columns but will not be counted against the Budget. Expense accounts with Exclusions will be designated with an '*'.