How do I post interest?

Interest entries are almost identical to deposit entries, but usually have only one line in the transaction detail section.

  1. Select the bank account on the checkbook screen.
  2. Click the Interest button, which is located below the Check button.
  3. Click inside the date box to select the correct date. Optionally, use the Quick Date Change keyboard shortcut to change the date.
  4. Press Enter to advance to the Amount box. Type in the amount of the interest.
  5. Press Enter to advance to the transaction detail where the Comments, Internal Category, account and amount can be entered, or select a previous transaction from the Recall Interest box. Selecting an entry from the recall box will fill in the transaction detail based on that previous transaction.
  6. Click the Save Changes button to post the entry to the account.

NOTES: As an example, lets say that this is a savings account for a building fund. In this case, we will want to put the interest earned into the Building Fund. Be sure to select the Building Fund internal account and NOT the General Operating account when posting this entry. Interest earned should not be posted in Contributions since it is not a contribution even though it is income for the church. Selecting an expense account is not an option on an interest entry.

Typical Interest Entry