Checkbook Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter multiple checks (or multiples of any kind of transaction)

  1. After saving the first check, press Enter on the keyboard to start a new check (or another transaction of the same type.)

Change Transaction Date

  1. When opening a new transaction or editing an existing transaction, the cursor automatically is put inside the check/transaction number box.
  2. To change the date, press the or keys while the cursor is inside the transaction number box. This will change the date by one day, either forward or backwards.

Change Check/Transaction Number

  1. With the cursor in the Check or Transaction number box, press the Page Up or Page Down keys to change the number by plus or minus 1.

Select a Payee

  1. When selecting a payee for a check, type in the first few letters of the payee's name to go to that payee.

Recall prior Transaction

  1. When the cursor is in the Amount box ($$), press the Space Bar, / or \ keys to select the first transaction in the recall list.
  2. Press any of the keys again to go the next transaction in the list.

Cancel a new transaction or the editing of an existing transaction

  1. After starting a new transaction or editing an existing transaction, press the Escape (Esc) key to cancel any and all changes.

To move from one entry box to the next while posting a transaction

  1. Press the Enter or Tab keys to move from one box to the next. Example: Press either key to move from the Payee box to the Amount ($$) box or from the Amount box to the Transaction Detail box.

Shortcuts for entering information in the Transaction Detail

  1. Press the first letter of an Expense/Internal Category, Group or Account to select an item from the list.
  2. If more than one Category, Group or Account starts with the same letter, press the letter again to go to the next item in the list with the same starting letter.
  3. After making a selection, press the Enter or Tab keys to move to the next column.
    1. After entering the amount on a transaction detail line, press Enter to save the detail line. If the full amount of the check has not been used, pressing Enter will also automatically add a new detail line.
    2. When entering the last line of detail on a transaction (or if there is only one line of detail), press the Space Bar when the cursor is in the amount column and the system will fill in the final amount (instead of having to type in the amount.)
  4. After entering the final amount in the transaction detail and pressing Enter, press Enter again to save the transaction (instead of clicking the Save Changes button.)