How do I use the Transaction Recall feature?

The recall transaction box lists up to the last 10 transactions. For checks and e-checks, it will list the last 10 checks for the selected payee. It will show the check or transaction number along with the date and amount of the prior check or transaction.

  1. For a Check or E-Check, fill in the payee and then press Enter or click inside the amount box. For all other transactions, go to the amount box. The recall box will appear on screen.
  2. To recall a prior transaction, click on the transaction in the recall list, or press the space bar, ⁄, or \ keys. After selecting a transaction, all of the information for that prior transaction will be filled in for you.
  3. If you don't get the correct transaction the first time, click on a different transaction or press one of the keys in step 2 again to go though the different transactions in the list until you find the correct one.

This is a quick way to fill out the information for a transaction without manually filling in all the details. If necessary, you can change any of the amounts, or anything else, on the transaction after recalling a prior transaction.

If you need to close or minimize the recall box, click the reduction button in the upper left corner of the recall box.

Recall Transaction Box