What is the History Log?

The History Log will show you all activity that has happened in the Checkbook. Any time an account is added or changed, the History Log will show this activity. It will also so when checks and other transactions are saved, edited, deleted and reconciled. The date and all the relevant data for any changes made to the Checkbook will be listed in the History Log.

In the log, the date will be listed first followed by the type and process. The type indicates what changed (check, deposit, bank account, expense account, etc.) and the process lets you know how it changed. The new processes means it is a new check or account that has been created. Edit and deleted are what they say. Reconciled indicates that a transaction was reconciled or un-reconciled.

If a new transaction is added or if some part of the transaction detail changes, the detail will be listed below the line with all the transaction information (date, type, amount, etc.)

You can use the arrow buttons at the top of the screen to go to the top or the bottom of the list.

History Log example