Can I change the "Thank you" line at the bottom of the receipt?

  1. From the Contribution screen, click on Reports and then Receipts.
  2. Click the print Setup button at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the View Fixed Text button in the bottom left corner of the setup screen.
  4. Type in the new comment you want in the Form Text box.
  5. To add an additional line of text
    1. Click on the first line of text.
    2. Press the down arrow button on the keyboard to add another line.
    3. Enter your text and then press the Enter key on the keyboard.
    4. The new line of text will appear at the top of the receipt. See the Instructions for customizing the Receipt (steps 4.a and 4.b) to move the text around on the page.
    5. If you have NTS version 5.90 or above, the last 2 inches of the page can be used for additional text. Earlier versions of NTS do not have as much space available.
  6. After making any changes, simply exit the setup screen.
For more information see: