How to Setup Pledges

  1. From the Contribution Screen, click the Pledges button.
  2. Add a New Pledge by clicking the Add Pledge button. Type in the name of the Pledge such as Faith Promise or Building Campaign.
  3. Pledge Setup
  4. Specify the Start and End date of the Pledge Campaign by clicking the corresponding box.
  5. Type in the Pledge Goal amount or the total amount pledged in Goal Amount Box.
  6. Select the Contribution Fund that will be associated with this Pledge Campaign from the Fund box. If a Contribution Fund for the Pledge has not yet been setup, add a New Fund for this Pledge.
  7. Click the Calculate Pledge button. A list of all the Contributors will appear.
  8. The second column in the list is labeled "Pledged." Type the Pledge Amount that each person has made next to their name.

When Donations are received for the Pledge, post the Donations to the associated fund. The Fund should only be used for the Pledges received and not for other contributions. NTS will automatically keep track of how much each person has contributed towards their pledge. The status of each individual's pledge can be viewed on the pledge screen.

To view a persons giving record, click on their name in the contributor list. Click the "Show Giving Record" button to see a list of all amounts received and the dates of the contributions.

By default, all contributors are included on each Pledge including those that did not make a pledge. Change the Pledge Filter $ Pledged to >$0 to see a list of those who have made a pledge. Other filters are available which allow filter the Pledge Contributor List. To see a list of those who have contributed toward the pledge, set $ Received to >$0. When you exit the pledge screen, the filters will be saved and automatically applied when you open the Pledge screen again.

To Delete a Pledge, select the Pledge and then click the Delete Pledge button. This will only delete the Pledge. This will not delete any contribution entries for any contributor.