How do I setup custom signature lines on Contribution Reports, including adding and deleting names or titles?

How do I print digital signatures on a report or receipt?

  1. Open the Totals, Contributor, or Receipts Reports. On the left side of the report screen, find the "Signature Lines" section.
  2. Next to each signature line box, you will find a checkmark box. Put a checkmark in the box to add a signature line to the report.
  3. Click inside the signature line box and a list of names and/or titles will appear. Click on the name/title you would like to appear under the signature line. See the illustration below. Do this for each signature line you want to add. If the list of names/titles is in the way, click the down button to close the list. This button can be clicked to open the list as well.
  4. To create a custom name/title, click inside the signature line box and type in the name and/or title to be used for that signature line. After typing in the name/title, press Enter on the keyboard to save the custom setting.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each signature line to be included on the report.
  6. To print a digital signature, do the following (available on NTS Versions 4.70 and above):
    1. Put a check in the checkbox for a digital signature.
    2. A dialog box will appear from which you can choose the digital image file. The file must be of type JPG, JPEG, or BMP.
    3. After selecting the file, click Open. The signature will be printed on the report/receipt and the image file will be saved for future printing.
    4. To remove a digital signature from the report, uncheck the digital signature box.

To remove names from the list, click inside the signature line box to bring up the list. Click on the name so that it is highlighted in the list. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Setup Signature Lines on Contribution Reports