How do I print a list of contributors / directory?

  1. From the Contribution screen, click on Setup and then Names List.
  2. At the top of the Names List, click the Print Directory button.
  3. Double click on individual names to select or unselect names to be included in the directory. Pressing the space bar will also select or unselect the name currently highlighted in the list. To quickly find someone's name, press the first letter of their last name, repeatedly, until you find the name. Click the Select All Names button to select all the names in the list or click Select Active Names Only to select just the active contributors.
  4. Click the Start Printing button. This will take you to the Print Setup Screen.
  5. Select the type of list you want to print from the Directory Type Box. See the illustration below. Depending on what you want on the printed list, there are several different options you can choose from:
    • Address List: A list of contributor names and addresses.
    • Addr + Phone: A list of contributor names, addresses and phone numbers.
    • Phone List: A list of contributor names and phone numbers.
    • Name List: A list of contributor names.
    • Env # List: A list of contributor names and envelope numbers.
    For each type of list there will be a couple of different formats. For example, "Phone List 2X40" will print as 2 columns and 40 rows per page. The more rows and columns there are, the smaller the type will be when printed on the page.
  6. After selecting the type, click the Print Directory button (top left corner of the screen) to print the list.
Print Contributors List Setup