How to record Reimbursements.
How to record a Refund.
How to record Rental income/Building Rent.
How to record money received from an Insurance claim.
Should Rent, Refunds or Reimbursements be recorded along with our regular contributions?

It is not necessary to record payments received as Building Rental, Refunds, Reimbursements or Insurance proceeds as Contributions since these types of Payments received are not tax deductible contributions to the church. However, these may be posted as Contributions if the user desires to do so.

To Post as Contributions:

  1. Create a Contribution Fund specifically for this type of Received Payment. ie. BUILDING RENTAL
  2. Designate the fund as NON TAX DEDUCTIBLE. (Double-click the DEDUCTIBLE? column next to the Fund name so that the "YES" disappears)
    Donations made to Non tax deductible funds will not appear as income on the Allocation or Annual Reports.
  3. Post the Received Payment to the new Fund.