How do I add, edit or delete an Expense Category or Group?

  1. From the checkbook screen, click on Setup and then Expense Acct. List.
  2. Find the place in the list where the category/group needs to be added. Click in the list where the category/group needs to be added.
  3. Click Add Category or Add Group and then type in the name of the new category or group. Category/group names can be up to 50 characters long. Press Enter to save the name of the new category/group.
  4. To change the order or position of a category or group, un-check the View Expense Accts box near the top of the screen. Click and drag to move a category/group up or down the list. If any transactions have been posted in the current year, then a group can only be moved within its category. If this is a new year and no transactions have been posted, a group may be moved into any category. (The restriction on moving groups does not apply to NTS versions 5.00 or above.) All accounts in a group will be moved with the group. Categories can be moved to any position at any time.

A category or group without any accounts doesn't do much good. If no accounts are added to a new category/group, a default account will be added when you exit the setup screen. To add accounts to a new group, either create a new account or move an existing account into the new group. See the link below for more information.

To delete a category/group, click on the category/group with the mouse to select it. Next, click the Delete button. In order to delete a category, all groups in the category must be deleted. In order to delete a group, all accounts in the group must be deleted.

Any category or group that has been used in the current fiscal year must stay on the books until the end of the fiscal year. After changing to the next fiscal year, it can be deleted. An account with activity can also be deleted if all transaction that use the account are changed to use a different account. In most cases, it is best to wait until the start of the next fiscal year to delete the account. Deleting an account in the current fiscal year will not affect prior years.

To change the name of an expense category/group, click on the name and type in the new name. The none or "- - - - -" group name cannot be changed.

Setup Expense Groups