How do I transfer money from one Internal Account to another?

What is the Transfer entry used for?

I deposited money into the wrong internal account.  How do I move the money into the correct account?

The transfer entry is for transferring money from one internal account to another. The following instructions are NOT for transferring money from one bank account to another. For instructions on transferring money between bank accounts, please see How do I transfer money from one Bank Account to another?

  1. From the checkbook screen, click on 'Transfer'. The total amount for the transaction is $0.00 since you are not adding or subtracting any money from the bank account.
  2. On the first line of detail transaction, select the internal account to take the money from. Enter the amount you need to remove from the account as a negative number.
  3. Press Enter to add a second line to the transaction detail, and select the internal account you want to put the money into. Enter the same amount, only this time as a positive number. You can transfer money into or out of more than one by adding additional lines to the entry. See the example below.
  4. To add the transfer to the Schedule, set the date, frequency and description in the Add to Schedule box and click OK. See Schedule instructions for full instructions. (Schedule feature only available on NTS version 4.90 and above.)
  5. Click Save Changes.

When you view your periodic financial report, it will show that the money has been moved.

Transfer money from one internal account to another.