Where do I enter in starting balances?

  1. From the Checkbook screen, click on Setup at the top of the screen and then click Bank/Internal Acct List.
  2. Enter a starting balances for each internal and bank account. See the illustration below.

When first setting up NTS, please note that your Bank Account starting balance total must equal your Internal Account starting balance total. The total is shown below the Bank Account and Internal Account lists.

It will need to be determined what the starting balance will be. For example, lets say your start date is April 1. Take the bank balance as of March 31 and subtract any outstanding checks dated on or before March 31. Use this balance as the starting balance in NTS.

The Internal Accounts are designed to keep track of money that has been designated for specific purposes. Your internal accounts are just a different way of looking at the money in your bank accounts.

For example, let's say you have $1500.00 in your checking account. Of that amount, $1175.00 is regular tithes and offerings, $85.00 is from N.Y.I. fundraisers, and $240.00 was given for Faith Promise. The starting balance for the bank account is $1500.00. The 'Church - General Operating' internal account balance will be $1175. Your 'N.Y.I. - General Operating' internal account balance will be $85.00. Finally, your 'N.M.I - Faith Promise' internal account balance will be $240.00. As you can see, the total amount of money in your bank accounts equals the total amount of money in your internal accounts. It is possible and likely that some internal accounts will start with a zero balance.

Bank and Internal Account Setup Screen