How do I void a check?

NOTES: Only checks in the current fiscal year should be voided. See How do I process a check that was lost, voided, uncashed or never cleared the bank. for instructions on handling a check from a prior fiscal year.

  1. If you have already posted a check and you now need to void it:
    1. Click on check you want to void in the transaction register.
    2. Click on the Edit Check button.
    3. Click the Void button which is located to the right of the Cancel Changes button. See the illustration below.
  2. If you have not yet entered the check you need to void or you have deleted the check:
    1. Click the Check button as if you were going to add a new check.
    2. Make sure the check number to be voided is in the Check # box and then click the Void button.
Void Button