NTS Error:  Index is out of date

The following instructions are only for NTS versions prior to 5.00. If you have NTS version 5.00 or above, please contact us for assistance.

Follow these steps to clear this error message.

  1. Close all programs and reboot or restart your computer.
  2. Open NTS and go to the backup screen. If you are having a problem with the contributions, make a backup of your contributions data. If you are having a problem with the Checkbook, Reports or Payroll screens, make a backup of your Checkbook data. For ease of making a backup, we suggest you backup your data to your C: drive.
  3. After you successfully make a backup with no errors, restore your data from the backup you just made.

If you still get the error message, please contact us. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.