How to Setup/Change Login Passwords (Access levels)
I need to Access Contributions or Checkbook screens, but they are disabled.

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NTS provides 4 Passwords that allow different levels of Access. The 4 Levels of Access are:

Setup Passwords

Master/Admin Password:  This password allows the user the Highest Level Access. The user will be able to access all screens and make changes with no restrictions.

Contribution Password:  This password allows a user to only access the Contribution related screens. The user can access all Contribution reports and all date ranges. This user is not allowed access to the Pledges screen. Only the Master/Admin password can access the Pledge screen.

Counter's Password:  This password only allows the user to access Contributions within a small date range. Only Contributions within 6 days of the current date can be accessed or entered. They can enter Contributions within the date range and run reports for Sunday. They can not access Contribution data more than 6 days old.

Counter's Backup Restriction: Check the 'Restrict to Current Week Only Backup' to prevent Counters from making a Backup of the entire year.

Checkbook Password:  This password allows the user unrestricted access to the Checkbook related screens and reports. This user can not access the Contribution screens.

To Setup/Change the Passwords:

  1. From the NTS Main Menu, click the Setup button.
  2. Click Login Passwords.
  3. Click on the Password box to be changed and type the NEW password. Each password MUST consist of 5 Alpha-numeric characters (case-insensitive) and be unique.
  4. Click Save Passwords button.

If one or more Password boxes are not visible or disabled, then this means that the User has not logged in with the MASTER/ADMIN Password. If logging in with the Contribution or Checkbook Password, then ONLY that Password can be changed. To change the Master password or to gain access to all passwords, log in using the Master/Admin password.

How to Setup Login Passwords/Access [VIDEO]