Annual Report Message: This version of the Annual Report is outdated and should be updated

The annual report is an old format that is no longer used. A new report should be created with the new format used by the Church of the Nazarene. Follow the instructions below to create the new report or give us a call and we will help you setup the new report.

  1. Click the Setup Report tab.
  2. Click the Delete this Report button to remove the old report.
  3. At the top of the screen, click in the Report Name box to see what options you have to choose.
  4. If you have an option named "Annual Report", click on the report "Annual Report". Repeat steps 1 through 4. If you don't have an this option continue to step 5.
  5. If you have a report named "New Report" with out any '*' on either side of the name, click on the report "New Report." Repeat steps 1 though 3 and 5. If you don't have a "New Report", continue to step 6.
  6. If you have a report named "Financial Summary", click on the second "Financial Summary" in the list if it is listed more than once. Repeat steps 1 though 3 and 6. If you only have one report named "Financial Summary", click on this report and continue to step 8.
  7. If the list of reports is empty except for "** New Report **", click this option. A box with three options will appear. Click the Standard Annual Report option.
  8. The report will most likely have accounts that need to be linked to the report. See How do I link unlinked accounts? for instructions.
  9. Click the View Report tab to view the annual report.