How do I print a Budget Planning Report?

For NTS version 5.14 or below, see Budget Planning Instructions for older versions.

The Budget Planner is a printable report that can assist in planning the budget for the next year. For example, while in the 15/16 fiscal year, open this report to help in planning for the upcoming year, 16/17.

  1. From the Checkbook screen, click on Reports and then Budget Planner.
  2. The report will display the budget, the amount paid or spent during the current year, the balance of the budget and a new budget column. If you don't want all of this information, click the Blank option. This option will produce a listing of the expense accounts along with a blank "XX/XX Budget" column (XX/XX will be the next fiscal year). See "Printing the report" below for addition printing options to exclude various columns.
  3. If desired, enter new budgets into the "XX/XX Budget" column. These budgets will be saved and will appear on a printed report. Only enter budgets for the accounts (white lines). Category and group totals will automatically be calculated.
  4. To Add a new Category, Group or Account to your list for next year, click the appropriate button.
  5. To Delete a account that is not needed in the next year, click on the account to select it and click the Delete button.
  6. To rename an account, click on the account name and type in a new name.
  7. To move a category, group or account, click and drag the account up or down the list.
  8. To reset the Budget Planner, press the F11 key or Ctrl + R on your keyboard. Resetting the planner will erase all budgets and eliminate any account changes made to the planner.

Printing the report:

  1. There are several printing options available. Click the down arrow button next to the print button for more printing options.
    • Font Size - Choose the desired font size for the print out.
    • Show "None" Group Totals - Prints a total line for accounts that are not included in a group.
    • Multi-Column - Utilizes the available page width and will print more than one column of expense accounts on each page, if possible.
    • Name Only - Prints the Expense account names ONLY. This option does NOT print any budget figures or budget planning columns.
    • Exclude Budget Column - Click this option if you do not want the current Budget column to appear on the printed report.
    • Exclude Paid Column - Click this option if you do not want the Paid column to appear on the printed report.
    • Exclude Balance Column - Click this option if you do not want the Balance column to appear on the printed report.
  2. After selecting any options and/or entered new budgets, click the print button to print the report.
Budget Planning Report Options

Use New Budgets:

If new budgets are entered into the budget planner, these new budgets can be imported into the new fiscal year. To import the "New Budgets" from the prior year planner and use them as the Budgets for the new year:

  1. Change the fiscal year to the new year.
  2. Go to the Expense account setup screen and then click the "Use Prior Year Budget Planner Setup" button located in the lower right corner.