How do I post contributions?

If you have NTS version 3.81 or before, see version 3.81 instructions

  1. On the contribution screen, find the calendar at the top. Select the date on for which contributions need to be entered (if not already selected.) The selected date is highlighted in a blue circle. Clicking the right or left arrow buttons with the RIGHT mouse button will change the date by one year.
  2. To the right of the calendar, find the Primary Service Box. Select the service for the contributions. If there are multiple services, we recommend entering contributions for one service and then changing the service from the list to enter contributions for other the services.
  3. Select from the Primary Fund box, the fund for the majority of the contributions. The default fund will always be the first fund in the list. To change the default fund, see Setup Fund List.
  4. Set the Primary Type box to the most common type of contribution. This is optional.
  5. Select the name of the contributor. For long lists, we suggest using the Search box at the top of the list of contributors. Click in the Search box, and type in the first few letters of the contributor's last name. NTS will automatically find and select the first contributor whose last name begins with those letters.
  6. After selecting the contributor:
    1. Press Enter on the keyboard, double-click on the name, or click the Add New Entry button to add a new contribution record.
    2. If a contributor generally contributes the same amount each week or month, use the Recall box to post a contribution equal to a prior entry. The last three contributions can be recalled. Press the space bar multiple times to cycle through the past 3 contributions or click on an amount in the recall box. Skip steps 7 through 11. (This feature only available in NTS version 4.0 and above.)
  7. The date and service will automatically be filled in based on the choices above. The date or service can still be changed by clicking inside the Date or Service box and then making the necessary change. Press the Enter Key after making any change. Skip this step if the date and service are correct.
  8. Select the appropriate Fund from the yellow drop down box. The fund selected in step 3 will automatically be selected. Select a different fund by typing in the first few letters of the Fund or by selecting the fund with the mouse or keyboard. Press Enter.
  9. Enter the amount of the contribution.
  10. Do one of the following to specify a contribution as Check, Currency, Coin, Goods, Credit Card, Debit Card, EFT or Other or skip to step 11 if the type isn't necessary. If no type is specified, the default type Check will appear for ALL entries.
    1. If a type was selected in step 3, that type will be automatically selected. If it is a check, press Enter on your keyboard twice which will place the cursor in the Number box. Type in the check number.
    2. Press the Left arrow key on your keyboard or click inside the Type box. Select the type and then press Enter. Type in the check number in the Number box.
  11. Press Enter on the keyboard to save the entry or click the Save Entry button. If the Save Changes button is not visible, the entry has already been saved.
  12. Optional (only on NTS version 5.50 and above): Enter a comment for the contribution.
  13. If this contribution has been approved as a Rare Circumstance Exemption, check the Approved Rare Circumstance Exemption box. Rare Circumstance Exemptions must go through an approval process through the district office. Contact your District office or the Funding the Mission web site for more information on Rare Circumstance Exemptions. (Only on NTS version 5.50 and above.)

To enter another contribution for the same person, repeat Steps 6a - 12.

The Cash (Generic Giver) name has been automatically added to your Names List. All loose cash or anonymous contributions should be posted to this contributor.

Two "Show" options are available. Checking the "Show all 20XX dates" box will show all contributions from the current year. By default, this option is not selected. The "Show All Services" box is selected by default. Thus all contributions from all services are shown. Uncheck this box to only see contributions from the selected service.

Post Contributions