How can I get the total of Checks, Currency & Coin?  (Deposit Slip)

The Deposit Slip will give you the totals for Check, Currency and Coin. It will also show a list of all the checks that were posted with the name of the contributor and the check #.

There are several options on this report. The report can be filtered by service, fund, type or individual. Change the settings by selecting a service, fund, type or individual on the left side of the screen. The date range can also be changed. For further instructions, please the link below on customizing reports.

The bank account information (account number and routing number) can be included on the deposit slip. If the account information is saved in the checkbook, the information for the account selected will appear on the screen and on the printed report. This option is only available on NTS version 3.90 and above.

When the report is opened, an itemized list of all checks will be on the report. To change the itemized list to view currency or coin contributions, click on Currency or Coin. To view a list of all contribution types, click Total Deposit. See the illustration below.

If you want to print the report, you can add custom signature lines to the report. See the link below for more information.

To print the deposit slip information, click the Print button. If you want to change the size of the font on the printed page, change the setting in the Font Size box before you click Print (available on NTS version 4.30 and above.) What you see on the screen will be what is printed on the report. The detailed listing that is visible on the screen will also be printed.

Deposit Report