How do I print a list of payees?

  1. On the Checkbook screen, click Setup and then Payee List.
  2. Click the Print Directory button.
  3. A box will appear on the right side of the screen. Click the Select All button and then click Start Printing.
  4. The print preview screen will appear. Choose a Directory Type from the Directory Type Box. See the illustration below. The Directory Type determines how the directory will appear on the page. Here is a listing of the available types:
    • Address List: A list of payee names and addresses.
    • Addr + Phone: A list of payee names, addresses and phone numbers.
    • Phone List: A list of payee names and phone numbers.
    • Name List: A list of payee names.

    For each type of list there will be a couple of different formats. For example, "Phone List 2X40" will print as 2 columns and 40 rows per page. The more rows and columns there are, the smaller the type will be when printed on the page.

  5. Click the Print Directory button at the top of the screen.
Directory Type selection box