How to view Expense Account or Internal Account Balances (Quick View)

  1. On the checkbook screen, click the View Account Balances button. The button is just above the Transaction Detail box in the lower-left area of the screen. A list of all Expense and Internal accounts with the current balances will appear. If an internal account has a NEGATIVE balance or an expense account is over budget, the amount will appear red in the balance column. See example below.
  2. Double-click the AMOUNT in the TOTAL column to view a list of transactions posted to an account during the current fiscal year.
  3. Balances can also be viewed when entering a transaction such as a check or deposit. Click the same button to view balances for accounts that appear in the transaction detail. After a detail line has been added to the transaction, the balance list will show the account balance accounting for the detail line just added to the transaction.
  4. To close the balance box, click the VIEW ACCT BALANCES button again or small 'X' button in the upper right corner.
Account Balance Quick View Box