Unreconciled transactions in previous Fiscal Years that never cleared.

To handle uncleared/unreconciled transactions that have been lost, were erroneously posted or will never clear:

  1. Select the fiscal year that has the unreconciled transactions.
  2. Determine the Total Unreconciled $ amount. Right click on the R? column of any transaction. This will move all unreconciled transactions to the top of the transaction register. Add up all unreconciled items.
  3. Post an income adjustment dated the last day of that Fiscal Year for the opposite amount calculated in step 3. (ie. if amount was 100.00, then use amount=-100.00) Post to the Church - General Operating(Tithe) internal account.
    Income Adjustment
  4. Update the Starting balance in ALL subsequent Fiscal Years to match the Previous Year Ending Balance:
    Select the next Fiscal Year, then Click Here for Instructions to Update Starting Balance.