What checks do you recommend for printing?

There are 3 types of checks designed for Quickbooks that are built into NTS. The built in checks are listed below. When ordering checks, they will ask you what software you are using. Tell them Quickbooks. You can order these checks through any check provider. If ordering through Deluxe, the Deluxe item numbers are listed below.

You can choose between the following formats:
Laser Multi-Purpose Check (top check with 2 stubs) - #081064
Laser Multi-Purpose Check with Lines (top check with 2 stubs) - #080971
Laser 3 On-A-Page Checks - #080003
Laser 3 On-A-Page Checks with Lines - #080974
Laser Wallet Checks - #080935
Laser Wallet Check with Lines - #080968

NTS can be customized to print on any check assuming your printer is capable of printing on the check. Some printers can not print on small checks, so that may narrow your choices of checks you can use. Use the check that best fits your needs.

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